What the Law Says about Making and Selling Your Own Wine

When creating wine, there are a few tools and equipment you’re going to need. The exact things you’ll need will depend upon what type of wine you are making. How much you plan to make, the fruits you are using and how much space you have available will also impact the tools and equipment you’ll need.


Below, we’ll look at a general guide of the tools and equipment used during wine making.


A Press and Crusher


If you’re going to be using fresh fruit, a press and crusher are essential. If you are following this method, the fruit will need to be fermented for a set period of time. This time will differ depending upon the type of fruit you are using.


If you are just starting out, many experts recommend starting with fruit juice or concentrate. This will allow you to skip the fermentation process and you won’t need a press or crusher.


A Fermenter


If you do plan on using fresh fruit, a fermenter is an important piece of equipment you’ll need. It helps to ensure the fruit is safely and correctly fermented. It uses specific microorganisms to help ferment the fruit into wine. You’ll find a lot of different models on the market so be sure to compare them and read consumer reviews prior to purchasing.


Cleaning Agents


During the winemaking process, hygiene should be a top priority. There are cleaning agents and tools you can invest in which make cleaning your equipment more efficient. These include jug and carboy brushes.


You’ll also want to look at cleaning agents such as potassium metabisulfite and citric acid. Be sure to research everything there is to know about cleaning your equipment before you begin.


Hydrometer and Thermometer


If you are following the fermenting process, a hydrometer is a useful tool. It helps to show you the weight of liquid compared to water. They are really inexpensive to purchase, but they are fragile so it’s best to have a spare just in case.


A thermometer can also help you to monitor the temperature of the wine. If you want it to taste and look like wine, you’re going to need to make sure the fruit doesn’t spoil.  


Acid Testing Kits


Both before and after the fermentation process, you’re going to need to test the level of acidity. You can do this with acid testing kits. If you want the fermentation to be effective, there needs to be a good balance of sugar and acid. You’ll find these kits are relatively cheap to purchase.


Bottles and Closures


After you’ve made the wine, you’re going to need to store it. So, invest in a good selection of bottles and closures. You’ll be able to find these in abundance online.


As you can see, you need a lot of tools and equipment to start making your own wine. There are wine-making kits you can purchase which come with everything a beginner needs. So, why not invest in one of those first and then add to your collection if you become a more serious winemaker.  

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