The Best Fruit to Make Wine From

When you are creating your own wine, you have full control over what goes into it. There are so many different types of wine you can create, and a lot of different ingredients to choose from.


The main ingredient of most wines is fruit. You can use a variety of fruits to create wine, so which ones are best? Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best types of fruits you can use to create your own wine.




The majority of fruit wines on the market today are made with grapes. This is because they are the easiest fruit to use in the winemaking process. They allow for clean, fast fermentation.


As well as being able to use them alone to create delicious-tasting wines, grapes can be easily blended with other fruits too. There are a lot of different types of grapes and you can use them to create both red and white varieties. Some of the best grapes to use during home winemaking include Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Malbec. However, you can use whichever variety you prefer.




If you’re looking to create a delicious red wine, blackberries are a great choice. However, this type of fruit wine will also take the longest to make. It is recommended blackberry wine is aged for at least two years. This creates a bold red wine. You could also add pears or apples for a more unique flavor.




Plum-based wines feature a beautiful flavor and color. The plums need to be chopped up in order to ferment. These types of wines are early to mature and they take around a year before they are ready to drink.


Pears and Raspberries


You can create tasty wine by using just pears or raspberries. However, did you know that if you combine the two you are left with a mouthwatering flavor? The raspberries add a great aroma and they also alter the color of the wine. If you’ve never tried pear- and raspberry-based wine, now is the time to make some.




Another fruit that makes a beautiful wine is strawberries. However, they are also one of the hardest fruits to work with. This is because they have a very long fermentation period. This means you’ll want to wait a good amount of time before it is bottled up. Like most other wines, it is best if it is aged for at least one year.




Not recommended for the beginner, rhubarb wine delivers a unique flavor profile. It takes a staggering four years before it is drinkable, but the wait will most definitely be worthwhile. Once you have experience making wines, you can try out creating your own rhubarb-based variety.


So, there you have it – some of the best fruits to make your own wine. Before getting started, it’s worth researching everything there is to know about fermenting the different fruits. There is a lot to learn with winemaking before you get started and how to use the fruit is just one thing you’ll need to know. 

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