Reasons People Become Vegan

There is a myriad of reasons that people decide to become vegan. But, most of the time people decide to become vegan for either health reasons, or because they want to stop the promotion of factory farms which are harming animals and ruining our environment. You’ll hear a lot of reasons, but the good thing is, it doesn’t even matter why. All that matters is that people who eat a vegan diet often feel healthier, and they are creating a smaller footprint on the earth at the same time.


Woody Harrelson – Probably not someone you’d expect to be vegan and often seen with his shirt off in his movie roles, he’s been a vegan since he was 24 years old. He says he does it for his health because any other diet makes him feel lack of energy and a lot of brain fog. He said it was hard to do and he started with dairy first.


Mayim Bialik – The neuroscientist who also stars as a brain scientist on the hit series The Big Bang Theory credits veganism for keeping her healthy, her kids healthy, and the earth healthy. She has a book out called Mayim’s Vegan Table, you can get it from Amazon. 


Venus Williams – So much for believing that someone who is athletic and muscular can’t be vegan. Venus went vegan when she realized she had an autoimmune illness and wanted to keep playing tennis. She eats a raw vegan diet and feels amazing and credits it to her being able to continue being active.


Alicia Silverstone – Author of The Kind Diet, Alicia is vegan for the animals but has found that it’s also good for her health. She feels better, can eat more, keeps a steadier weight range, and is also helping to save the earth by being a conservationist. But she gives a lot of credit to the diet for keeping her youthful, and her skin clears too and reports that she doesn’t have to use her asthma inhaler anymore either.


Gisele Bundchen – This is a supermodel who has gone vegan because she wants to help protect the environment. The waste from factory farms really bothers her and she wants to do her part to help as well as teach her children healthy practices for themselves and the entire earth.


Now that you’ve seen their stories. What’s yours? Why do you want to become vegan? Why are you vegan? There is no right or wrong way to become vegan. There is no reason you have to go cold turkey either. For some people it’s a gradual transition, for others it’s a sometimes thing to get into shape, for even more others it’s a thing they do because they feel it’s right for the animals and the earth.


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