Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes

Everyone needs some go-to recipe choices that are quick and easy to create when they want to stick to any diet, including a vegan diet. Planning goes a long way when it comes to being healthy on any diet. Thankfully, today there are many places you can find recipes that are quick, easy, and vegan.


Fatfreeveganblog.com – Don’t be fooled by the name, this site has tons of healthy, easy and more importantly flavorful recipes that you can cook for the entire family. If you like southern flavors this is your place to find them.


Isa Does It: Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Any Day of The Week – This book has some great tips and strategies for any cook whether you’re a beginner or not to start cooking amazing recipes, as they say, any day of the week.


Vegan Heaven – This site has amazing roundups for all sorts of vegan recipes. This Weeknight vegan dinner roundup is a great example of that. The recipes are all easy to make and utilize normal ingredients you can find anywhere.


Hurry Up Food – This site has some vegetarian recipes but many of them are also vegan such as these easy to make Burrito Bowls. Eating your meals in a bowl is a great way to cut down on cleaning too. You can make any kind of bowl from a smoothie bowl to a salad bowl, to more hearty ingredients in a bowl with ingredients on hand and make it a meal.


Super Easy Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook – This cookbook is currently on Kindle Unlimited as well as in paperback. If you like cooking with your slow cooker so that your meals are ready when you get home from work this is a great cookbook packed with 100 easy to create meals.


One Green Planet – This website is packed with information for vegans including amazing recipe roundups for all sorts of food types. The link leads you to their round of ten types of food you should be able to make as a vegan that’s fast and easy.


Forks Over Knives – Their website and cookbooks are amazing. They show you how to eat healthy vegan food without working too hard. You don’t have to work hard to cook delicious meals every single night for yourself and your family.


This is a lot of recipes to get you started on your journey cooking the easy way. Seriously, cooking vegan food is a lot easier than cooking with meat. You will find you don’t need as many pans or have as much clean up when you cook with plants. Speaking of that there is a wonderful YouTube Channel with demonstrations of Cooking with Plans too that you should check out that shows you how easy it is to make amazing food with plants.

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