Tips on How to Ask for Help Without Feeling Uncomfortable

As wonderful as Thanksgiving can be, it’s a lot like Christmas. There is an awful lot to do, particularly if you’re trying to do it all yourself. This can quickly make the holiday a lot more stressful than it needs to be.


If you’re looking to make this year’s Thanksgiving a less stressful process, it’s a good idea to ask for help. Embarrassed or reluctant to ask for help? Below, you’ll find some great tips to ask for help without feeling embarrassed.


Host a Potluck Thanksgiving


One of the best ways to ask for help without feeling uncomfortable, is to make it a potluck Thanksgiving. This is a fairly new trend that asks guests to create their own dish.


Each guest can be in charge of one Thanksgiving dish. For example, one guest could be in charge of creating the cranberry sauce, while another could create a side dish. You could ask them to create their favorite dish or give them a set menu to choose from.


One of the great things about this idea is that you can also discover new recipes. If you give guests free reign to create whatever they want, you could end up trying new dishes that you absolutely love.


Get the Family to Help Pick Up Supplies


You don’t have to do all of the prep yourself. Get your family to help pick up supplies ahead of the day. Your partner can help with the shopping and you can get the kids to help you create DIY décor, for example.


You could also ask family members outside of the household to pick up a few things when they go shopping. That way, you won’t be asking them to go out of their way to help.


Be Completely Honest


There is a misconception today that we need to be able to do everything ourselves. Asking for help feels like we are failing. However, the notion that you have to be superwoman and get everything done alone isn’t realistic. There is no shame in needing help, especially around the holidays.


Be honest with your family and let them know you’re struggling. You’ll generally find they are eager to help where they can. They will also really appreciate your honesty. As hard as it is, get out of the mindset that you need to be able to do everything by yourself.


Plan a Special Thank You for Any Help You Receive


If you really struggle with asking for help, it could be a good idea to plan a special thank you for your helpers. Maybe you could do something for them, or buy them a small gift for their help. This will feel like you’re giving back and not just receiving help for free.


Asking for help isn’t always easy. However, it’s important to be honest about what you can and cannot handle. You’ll find your family and friends will be more than happy to help if you ask them. The above tips can help you ask for help without feeling uncomfortable.

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