Tips for Keeping Guests Occupied Without You Having to Entertain Them

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner takes a lot of time in the kitchen. When you have guests, it can be difficult keeping them entertained while you’re trying to cook. It can also be difficult entertaining them after the meal when you are exhausted.


A good idea is to look for things to keep your guests occupied without you having to do anything. If you need a little inspiration, below you’ll discover some of the best tips for keeping guests occupied.


Set Up a Refreshment Area


If you’re trying to keep guests occupied while you cook, you can provide them with a refreshment area. Obviously, you don’t want them to get too full before dinner. However, providing a few simple snacks and drinks will help to keep them out of the kitchen.


If you are worried that they will get too full on snacks, you can simply set up a drinks station. That way, they can help themselves and you won’t need to keep topping up their glasses.


Throw on a Movie


Whether you want to keep guests occupied while you cook or when you just want to relax after dinner, a movie is a great idea. It may take a while to find something everyone wants to watch. However, it’s a guaranteed way to keep guests occupied for a couple of hours.


Outdoor Games


A fun way to keep guests entertained is to provide outdoor games. You’ll find a huge range of outdoor games available, such as outdoor 4-connect-in-a-row, supersize pong games, and giant dominoes.


There are a lot of outdoor games on the market and most are inexpensive. This is a great way to get guests out of the house for a while, leaving you to cook or simply relax.


Provide Board Games


Another great way to keep everyone entertained is to provide a selection of board games. There are a lot of different board games out there to cater to all ages. Not only are they fun to play, but they can also aid in family bonding. Take a look at the different board games on offer and choose a few you think everyone will love.


They can also play quiz games or have questions they can ask each other. This lets them learn more about one another and it’s a great way to pass the time.


A Dance Off


Why not host a dance off for your guests? Throw on a good playlist and let your guests show off their moves. It can either be a competition dance off, or you could host a simple dance party. Ask guests ahead of time what their favorite music is so you can include a few of their song choices on the playlist. That way, everyone will be happy.


It can be tough figuring out ways to keep guests occupied without you having to entertain them. However, the ideas above can give you hours of extra time to yourself. Remember to cater the entertainment to the age of your guests. There should be something everyone can take part in.

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