What Size Rug Should You Choose?

Choosing your rug size really depends on the purpose of the rug. If you’re going to wipe your feet on it, it should be a smaller rug. If it’s going in your living room or dining room, it should be bought to fit the space you want it in - but not so big that the floor doesn’t also show through a little to highlight the rug.

Some Floor Peaks Through

You want some of the flooring under the rug to peak through, so make sure you measure the part you want to be covered so that it looks right. They say that you should have about a foot of floor around the rug, but it really depends on the size of your room. If you live in a super-small apartment, you may have to be more strategic than if you live in a big house.

The Size That Feels Right

The truth about decorating is that sometimes you just have to trust yourself. If you like a certain look, even if everyone else thinks it’s wrong, you should still do it your way. If you like the look of layered rugs, or a rug that covers all the flooring beneath because the floor is ugly, that’s okay.

Not Too Small and Not Too Big

The real trick is to ensure that the rug is neither too big or too small for the space. Some flooring showing so that it can be a focal point is a good idea. For example, in a living room you may want the rug to go under the sofa and coffee table and then have chairs around the rug either partially on it or not at all. It really depends on how you set up the room. For a dining room rug, you probably want it to be fully under the table and chairs even when pushed back to avoid damage to the floor.

More Patterns Mean Bigger Rugs

A small rug often looks better if it has a smaller pattern or no pattern. With small rugs, focus on small geometric patterns, texture, and colors that pop to help define the space. A very busy pattern looks better if you can have a big rug.

Ultimately, to ensure that you pick the right rug size, you need to map out where you want the rug. Try marking the space with easy-to-remove tape first to see if it looks good that way. Consider why you’re putting the rug there to start with and how it will work.

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