Rug Cleaning Advice

One thing that is important to consider as you buy a rug is how you’re going to clean it. There are many tips for rug cleaning that work and some that don’t. We’ll go over some that work, but always test an area that won’t be seen first with any of these ideas. Better yet, if your rug comes with cleaning instructions, always follow them.

* Rug Shampoo – You can purchase rug shampoo that is made for your type of carpet or recommended by your manufacturer. When you use rug shampoo, you want to follow the package directions. But usually, it requires using some water, a soft bristle brush or sponge, and then cleaning it up with clear water and blotting with a cloth.

* Foaming Glass Cleaner – An interesting type of cleaner that can work for even your most colorful rugs is foaming glass cleaner. Make sure you buy one that doesn’t have bleach. You can spray the stain with the cleaner, let it set, then blot with a clean white cloth until the stain comes up.

* Pounding a Rug – Another way to clean a rug is to pick it up and hang it over a strong clothing line and then pound it out by hitting it with a board. This will get all the dust, hair and grime out - sometimes better than a vacuum. In addition, letting the sunshine on it will help get rid of odors. Do this after you’ve gotten the stains out.

* Vacuum – When you do vacuum a rug, it’s important to occasionally turn it over and vacuum the back as well as the front side. A lot of debris will get under the carpet too.

* Spot Cleaning – One thing to remember about cleaning rugs, especially spot cleaning, is that you don’t want to use paper to do it. It might seem simple to grab a paper towel to clean up a mess, but you’ll do better if you use a white cloth and use a dabbing motion after you wet the area with the cleaner. If needed, you can use a soft scrub brush like a soft toothbrush, but be gentle.

* Washing Machine – Some rugs can be easily cleaned by tossing them in the wash. First, shake the rug out and then put it in the wash with like colors or only with other rugs like it. Avoid washing it with towels due to the issues with lint.

* Dry Cleaning at Home – One way to rid your rug of odors at home is to use baking soda. First, vacuum the top and the other side, then get all the stains out with one of the other methods. Next, after it’s dry, sprinkle with baking soda and leave on all night long. In the morning, vacuum both sides again.

Cleaning rugs is never fun but if you keep it up, your rug will last many years and always remain beautiful. You just need to remember to do it right away when a spill or accident happens, and to use the right thing for the type of stain and carpet.

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