How to Keep a Rug from Slipping

Rugs are beautiful additions to your décor but if you don’t put them down correctly, they can become a slipping danger. If you have children or elderly people walking through the home, it’s even more important to ensure that you keep your rugs from slipping. A bad slip could cause a broken bone - or worse, a head injury. It’s so important not to skip this step, even if you believe the rug is sticking on its own.

* Rubber Shelf Liner – You can buy rubber shelf liner for your kitchen cabinets and use them to help prevent slippage. Just stick them with double-sided tape to the corners of your rug and it’ll stay put. Some people say that even if you don’t use tape, for some fabrics it still sticks.

* Put Masking Tape Under the Rug – A quick and super-cheap way to keep rugs from slipping is to roll some masking tape around your fingers so that you have two sticky sides. Then put that into the corner of each side of the rug or around the outside of the circular rug. You’ll need to change the tape occasionally.

* Use Double-Sided Sticky Tape – Take the double-sided tape and run it in strips across the back of the rug, and then on each side and corner. Then you won’t have as much slippage. You will have to replace the tape occasionally on this one too.

* Use Putty – You can buy sticky putty that you roll into a ball and then flatten and put in the corners. Then after you lay the rug where you want it, you can step on the areas you’ve put the putty and it’ll stick to the floor.

* Buy a Rug Pad – You can actually buy non-stick and non-slip rug pads in the same shape as your rug (often where you buy your rug), or you can buy the type you can cut to the right shape. This will ensure your rug stays in place; plus, it can be protective to your floor.

* Rubber Place Mats – Go to your local dollar store and look for the placemats that feel like rubber. Then place those under the rug like you would the shelf liner. It works just as well and sometimes better.

Slipping rugs are a big danger to people at home. You can protect your family and visitors with simple additions that aren’t expensive to ensure that your rugs don’t slip. The best thing to use is a non-slip rug pad made for your type of rug, but you can always try the other methods if you can’t afford one, or if you forgot to get one and will be getting one later.

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