Common Mistakes When Choosing a Rug

There are many rug buying mistakes that most people make at one time or another. But you can avoid these mistakes if you’re willing to take your time. Nothing is wrong with having a naked floor for a short time, while you do your research and search for just the right rug for your needs.

Here are some mistakes you'll want to avoid.

* Buying a Rug Too Fast – You got a new house or apartment and you want to get a rug right away. After all, you feel the need to protect the floor. But the truth is, if you do that too fast, you’re just going to end up spending more money or living with the wrong rug. Instead, take a little time and be extra careful for a bit, so that you can get just the right rug that really makes your home a home.

* Not Taking Measurements – Taking measurements of your floor and measuring the space you want to place your rug is very important. You want to get the right size for the area so that it does what it’s supposed to do and not look silly by being too small or not fit because it’s too big.

* Not Testing Sizes and Shapes – You can test out different sizes and shapes by using paper that you cut and tape together, or by just using easy peel masking tape that doesn’t stick to surfaces and ruin them, to mark the area where you want the rug. In this way, you can easily see if it works for the space.

* Buying the Wrong Style – If you have a particular decorating style, it’s not that you can’t mix some together, but you don’t want the rug to look completely out of place. You want it to define the space, fit into the space, and make the space feel amazing.

* Not Matching Colors Properly – You don’t want to be matchy-matchy in your color choices. Don’t pick a rug the same color as your furniture, and the same color as your curtains, and the same color as your walls. Choose contrasting colors and pops of color; this makes a huge difference in how the house feels.

* Not Putting a Rug Pad Underneath – Yes, it’s an added expense. But the expense is necessary because it keeps rugs in place and adds some protection to your floor, plus gives you some cushion for your feet.

* Not Considering Layering – One way to use rugs is to layer them. If your apartment comes with a rug, there is no reason you can’t put a rug over that rug to bring some texture and color to the room. You can also use two different sizes of rugs in different colors and make a huge difference in how it all looks.

* Being Afraid of Patterns – Patterns are fun in rugs. This is especially true if you aren’t using any patterns in the rest of your furniture and your décor. A nice polka dot rug looks great with pinstripe furniture, for example.

* Not Shopping Around – Be sure to shop around for your new rug. You want to get a really good price and good quality. Poor quality rugs will wear out fast and some even smell funny due to the type of glue used on them.

Buying a rug too fast is the main problem that most people run into. They go to the store without measuring, without bringing any color swatches to match other décor, and just buy whatever is the cheapest. This is not a great way to go if you want to buy the right rug that makes a big difference in your overall décor.

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