Choosing a Rug for Your Entryway

The entryway is one space that can set the tone for the rest of your home décor. When people walk through your door, the entryway is the first thing they see. That’s really going to make a difference to anyone walking through - whether friends, family, or a realtor. So, it’s important to get this one right in your décor. Here are some important things to consider.

* The Style of the Home – Your home’s style is an important consideration in the type of rug you choose for your entryway. If your home is not super-modern, you don’t want to choose a super-modern rug. But you could choose something that bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary.

* Check the Size and Proportion – Don't check just the size of your entryway; the size of your whole house matters too. You want the rug to fit in perfectly with everything. So always check the proportion of the rug to the proportion of the house and the proportion of the furniture and space. If it doesn’t fit right, show enough of the floor, and work with your door and furniture, it will be out of place.

* Consider How Your Door Opens into the Area – Try opening your door and notice how high above the floor it is so you know if there is space for a rug to be where the door opens. If there isn’t much space, you will need a flat rug. If there is more space, you can choose a fluffier rug. When you walk in, think about whether people will be wearing shoes or take their shoes off first.

* What Happens in the Entryway – If you have kids, or people wear shoes, or if you have pets, you don’t want to choose a white rug, for example. A rug with the right colors and textures helps keep the area looking clean and fresh. Maybe you even need an indoor-outdoor rug near where your family removes their shoes.

* Consider Patterned Rugs – When you pick patterned rugs, pay attention to the patterns on the furniture, ceiling, doors, windows or anything else that is nearby. You don’t want to clash with the shapes that are already around, but enhance them.

* Think of It as an Introduction – Remember, the entryway is the first thing that your visitors see when they walk through the door. It sets the tone for what they’re going to expect throughout the rest of their time in your home.

A rug in your entryway needs to fit in with your décor, the size of your space, and be the right shape so that it works for your home - and of course you want it to wow your visitors too. It’s going to give them a little treat, make them feel welcome, and give a little hint about what’s to come in the rest of your home.

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