Choosing a Rug for Your Bathroom

Choosing a rug for your bathroom might seem like the easiest thing in the world. Just go to Walmart and buy whatever color matches. But, there is a lot more to it if you really want to get your décor right. Let’s go over the different factors that play into choosing the right rug for your bathroom.

* The Rest of Your Décor – You want to ensure that the rug doesn’t overpower the other décor you have in the bathroom. If you get the wrong colors, materials, size and shape, it could take away from the entire look you’re trying to get in your bathroom.

* Measure the Size of the Room – It’s important to understand the size of your entire room in relation to where you want to put the rug. If you go too small, it’s going to look strange and out of place.

* Understand the Purpose – Every rug should have a purpose. It’s often to bring a pop of color to the room but it’s also often, especially in a bathroom, to keep you from slipping and to bring warmth to the room without overriding the rest of the décor.

* Measure the Area – It’s important to also measure the spot you want the rug. It can help if you get some wrapping paper and cut it into the size you think you want the rug and place it in that spot. That way you can see how much room you can play with.

* Consider the Colors – Look at the entire bathroom décor to determine what type of colors your rug should have. You don’t want to take away from the rest of the décor with the rug in the bathroom. It should blend yet bring the room together.

* Choose the Right Shape – Sometimes the traditional rectangle shape won’t work. So, don’t automatically think that’s where you must go. You may want a circular or an oval shape instead. Try different ideas using the wrapping paper to see how the shape looks in different sizes in your space.

* Choose the Best Material – The material for your bathroom rug needs to be the right feel and perform well. If you have pets and children, consider how much dirt and debris will show up on your choices. For example, a carpet with a deeper pile can hide a lot of dog hair and stuff between cleanings.

It’s also important to know who you are in terms of your house cleaning habits. If you don’t want to spend money dry cleaning or hand cleaning something, make sure to buy something that can be thrown in the washer and dryer or it won’t last long.

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