Spooky Halloween Ideas for Teens

Teens generally like to get more involved during Halloween than smaller children. While the spooky holiday is considered fun for kids, teenagers tend to prefer a spookier experience.


So, how can you create a spooky style Halloween your teen is sure to love? Here, you’ll discover some of the best scary Halloween ideas you can use.


Spooky Costumes


They may not be “kids” anymore, but most teens still enjoy getting dressed up. There are a lot of great Halloween costumes for teens on the market, or you can create your own.


To make it more fun for them, you could either host a spooky costume competition, or throw a Halloween party.


Spooky Halloween Games


There are a lot of spooky games to keep everyone entertained during Halloween. Although suitable for younger kids, bobbing for apples also widely appeals to teens. So, if you’re looking for a game the whole family can play, bobbing for apples is a great starting point.


You can also get them to “wrap a dead body”. Obviously, no actual dead bodies will be involved in this game! It requires teens to be separated into pairs. One of them will play the dead body, while the other is responsible for wrapping them in toilet tissue paper. The winning team is the one which wraps the dead body the fastest.


Other fun games to try include horror-style video games, Halloween dares and murder mystery games.


Scary Movie Night


What teen doesn’t love a good scary movie? Halloween is the perfect time to let them binge watch their favorite horrors. Whip up some Halloween-themed snacks, decorate the room with spooky décor and turn the lights off for maximum effect.


You could even introduce them to some of your favorite old horror movies. If they haven’t seen the older classics, now is the perfect time to introduce them.  


Use a Haunted House Theme


If you want to go all out, why not create a haunted house theme in the home? This would require a lot of planning and decoration. However, turning the home into a haunted house for the evening can be a great idea for those who don’t have younger children.


If that sounds like too much hard work, why not take your teen to an actual haunted house? During Halloween, you’ll find a lot of haunted house tours on offer. They provide the maximum spooky atmosphere, while giving your teen memories to last a lifetime. You may even enjoy it too. So, look out for haunted house events and book them well in advance if you can.


These are just some spooky ideas for teens you can use this Halloween. If you get really stuck, why not ask them what they’d prefer to do? Not all teens will be excited to celebrate Halloween so, like younger children, it’s important not to force them if they just aren’t into it. However, if they do love Halloween, the ideas above are sure to keep them entertained.  

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