Safe Treats to Give Young Ghosts and Goblins

One of the best parts of Halloween is getting to see local children dressed up and excited for the spooky holiday. However, when the kids come knocking at your door, what treats are you planning on handing over?


Some types of treats aren’t necessarily safe for younger children. So, it’s important to think about the types of treats you plan on offering. Here, we’ll look at some of the safest treats you can give young ghosts and goblins when they come knocking.


Juice Boxes


Although candy is always appreciated, you may be surprised that some kids love to receive juice boxes too. Trick or treating can be thirsty work and juice isn’t just refreshing, it can be healthy too.


Some people also prefer to give small bottles of water. While this is the healthiest choice, juice boxes are more likely to cater to children’s tastes.


Fruit Roll-Ups


If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to candy, fruit roll-ups are a great choice. They are juicy, refreshing and tend to give kids a little energy boost. They can eat them on the spot and they’re much healthier than most types of candy.


Glow Sticks


A non-food treat the kids will also appreciate is glow sticks. These aren’t just fun to look at and wear; they can also help to keep them safe while they are out in the dark.


Visibility is extremely important when trick or treating. It can be difficult for cars to see children when it’s dark outside. So, providing glow sticks boosts their safety while also putting a smile on their faces.


Temporary Tattoos


Another fun non-food treat you can give out is temporary tattoos. You’ll need to make sure you invest in kid-friendly ones. Most kids love these, and it gives them something to do either when they get home or the following day. Their parents are also likely to thank you for giving them a non-candy treat.


Goodie Bags


If you have the budget, providing small goodie bags instead of single treats is a great idea. These can include a selection of healthy treats, candy and glow sticks for example. There’s no doubt that receiving a goodie bag is a lot more exciting than receiving a piece of candy.


Tailor Treats to the Age of the Child


It’s a good idea to tailor the treats you hand out to the different ages of the kids who are trick or treating. For example, for younger children, certain types of candy are a choking risk. So, set aside two sets of treats if you can. One can be for the older children who knock at the door, while the other can be catered to younger kids.


If you’re giving toys away instead of candy, be sure that these too are age appropriate.


There are so many safe treats you can give kids when they come trick or treating. The above is just a small selection of the types of treats you could offer.

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