Halloween Party Drink Recipes for Adults

Looking for fun and creative Halloween party drink recipes? Creating your own spooky drinks is much simpler than you might realize. The majority require very few ingredients and they are quick and easy to put together.


If you’re unsure which drinks to serve up at your party, here you’ll discover some of the best Halloween party drinks you can create.


Halloween Punch


There are so many different variations of Halloween-style punch. A popular crowd pleaser, punch is a staple party drink you can offer up to your guests.


The great thing about this drink recipe is that you can create both an alcoholic and a soft drink version. So, no matter what type of party you are hosting this Halloween, there’s a punch recipe out there to fit your needs.


Just some of the punch recipes to consider include Bloody Rum Punch, Devil’s Punch and Zombie Punch. For the Bloody Rum Punch, you’ll need rum, red wine, lime juice, triple sec, simple syrup and limes and oranges.


Take a look online for more spooky Halloween punch ideas.


Black Magic Margaritas


If you want to impress your guests, Black Magic Margaritas are a great choice. Not only do these drinks taste delicious, but they’re also super-simple to make.


You’ll need triple sec and silver tequila to make up the alcohol components of the drink. Other ingredients include green, blue and red food coloring, black sprinkles, ice, a lime slice and lime juice.


Just run the lime slice around the rim of the glass, add the black sprinkles and the alcohol. Stir it all together and add the food coloring until it reaches a black color. 


Vodka Jello Shots


If you’re looking for something fun to serve up, why not try out Vodka Jello Shots? You can create a variety of different flavors; all you’ll need is jello, alcohol and gummy worms. 


Strawberry vodka jelly shots are particularly popular. Just dissolve the jello before adding the alcohol. Then, pour into the shot glass and leave to chill in the refrigerator until it sets. Add a gummy worm on top and you have your Halloween-themed jello shots ready to serve.


If you prefer a different type of alcohol, you can swap the vodka and use whichever alcohol you prefer. Take a look online for Halloween jello shot ideas to see the huge number of flavors you can create.


The Grave Digger


If it’s a proper cocktail recipe you’re looking for, this Grave Digger recipe is ideal. It contains a lot of flavor and offers a great level of fizz to satisfy the taste buds.


There are just three ingredients used: hard cider, bourbon and ginger ale or beer. You can swap the bourbon for any type of whiskey you prefer. It’s a strong, flavorful cocktail that your guests are sure to love.


These are just a small selection of Halloween party drink recipes you can create. As you can see, they are all really simple to create and require very few ingredients. Serving up any of the drinks above is sure to enhance your Halloween party experience.

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