Tips on How to Avoid Too Much Packaging

When you’re trying to cut down on waste, avoiding using too much packaging is a great tip to follow. The truth is, most food we purchase comes in packaging that cannot be recycled. While this is an issue which needs to be addressed by manufacturers, there are things we can do as consumers too.


Here are some great tips on how to avoid too much packaging.


Buy Loose Produce


One of the easiest ways to cut down on food packaging is by purchasing loose produce. Shop at local grocery stores which offer loose fruits and vegetables. You can take your own containers and bags to prevent additional packaging needing to be used.


Pre-packaged fruits and vegetables tend to use far more packaging than they need. So, if consumers were to stop purchasing the pre-packaged varieties, it would force manufacturers to rethink their packaging. Loose produce is much better for the environment than pre-packaged, so start by making this simple switch.


Shop at Local Farmers’ Markets


Shopping for produce at local farmers’ markets is also a great way to reduce waste. The produce hasn’t had to travel far, which means it cuts down on transportation emissions too.


You’ll also find that food sold at farmers’ markets hasn’t had as many pesticides or fertilizers used. It is organic, which means you’ll get more nutrients from this local grown produce.


Look for Recycled Packaging


Although we are constantly told how important it is to cut down on food packaging, manufacturers don’t make it easy. The majority of packaging on the shelves isn’t recyclable. However, manufacturers are starting to produce more recyclable packaging in a bid to reduce their impact on the environment.


So, if you’re looking to cut back, make sure you choose recyclable packaging wherever you can. Over time, it should start becoming easier to choose recyclable options as it becomes more readily available.


Buy in Bulk Where You Can


Another great tip is to buy in bulk where you can. This doesn’t mean buying more than you actually need. It means purchasing things in bulk that you use most frequently.


You can buy a lot of things that come individually packaged for increased freshness. The trouble is, this is wasting a lot of packaging. So, opting instead for items in bulk can cut back on a lot of unnecessary packaging.


Reuse Your Packaging


Finally, you can also cut back on waste by reusing the packaging. It can be used to carry and store future produce, or you could use paper packaging as wrapping paper. Think outside of the box and look online for inspiration. You might just be surprised by how many uses there are for food packaging.


As you can see, there are lots of ways you can avoid too much packaging. While it isn’t in your control how much packaging manufacturers use, you do have more eco-friendly options. The above are just some of the best tips you can follow to cut back your impact on the environment.

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