Exercise for Free with the Family

You don’t have to spend a fortune trying to keep the family fit and healthy. While paid classes and gyms can be highly effective, there are plenty of free options available you can utilize.


If you’re looking to stay fit and healthy with the family, below you’ll discover some great exercise ideas you can do for free.


Go for a Walk


One of the best forms of free family exercise is to go for a walk together. Whether it’s a walk to your local park or whether you drive to a beauty spot and walk there, you’ll have a lot of different route options to choose from.


Going for a walk doesn’t just ensure you and the family get the exercise you need, but it also has great mental health benefits. Exercising outdoors is great for the mind and body.


Family Bootcamp


If you’re looking for something a little more intensive, why not set up your own family bootcamp? You can either create a set routine of exercises the family has to follow, or you can set up an assault course.


You can use all kinds of items lying around the home to create an indoor or outdoor circuit. Tailor the exercises to fit the age range of your kids and see how much fun everyone has. This is a particularly great form of free exercise for those who are competitive. Adding a competition element ensures everyone does their best with each exercise they perform.


Exercise-Based Hide and Seek


Why not give your family exercise routine a fun element by turning it into a game? You could make tweaks to the popular game “Hide and Seek” for example.


Write simple exercises down onto pieces of paper. There should be one exercise on each piece. Then, hide the pieces and get the family to find them. When they find a piece of paper, they have to carry out the exercise before looking for the next one.

You might just be surprised by how fun this activity is!


Host a Dance Party


If you want a free activity that doesn’t feel like exercise, hosting a dance party is a great idea. Get the family together and throw on some dance tunes. You don’t have to follow a specific routine. Just let everyone dance however they want to.


You can also make it more fun by creating your own dance routines. You never know, you may even be able to show off your family dance routines at a party or event in the future.


Jump Rope


Finally, a simple and fun activity you can do as a family is jump rope. This is going to be a particular hit with the kids, but it’s super-fun for adults too. You’ll just need a jump rope and a little music if you want to increase the fun.


These are some of the best free exercises you can do as a family. You really don’t have to spend anything to keep the family fit and healthy.

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