Eight Signs That a Younger Child Is Being Bullied

Sometimes children don’t tell us everything that goes on in their lives - even when they’re in elementary school. But, there are signs you can watch out for in case your child is being bullied. It’s important to be aware of your child, their moods, and physical condition at all times, and this will give you a good guide to help you keep your child safe.

Here are some signs that may indicate that your child is being bullied.

1. They Don’t Want to Go to School – If your child always loved school and then suddenly doesn’t like it and makes excuses not to go, it is a sign that something is wrong. It might be bullying but it could also be something else. The best thing to do is to ask the child what is wrong.

2. They Revert to Infantile Behavior – If your younger child seems super-stressed out and starts acting infantile again, especially before or after school, that could be a sign that something not right is happening to them at school. Examples of this behavior include thumb sucking, potty accidents, bedwetting, and a lot of crying.

3. They Are Always Sick to Their Stomachs or Complain of Headaches – If your child is getting more stomach issues and headaches, try to figure out what is causing them. For example, if it’s after school or before school, are they overtired or is something happening at the school that you need to investigate?

4. Your Child Has Changed Friend Groups Recently – If your child up until recently always had the same friends and now suddenly they don’t have the same friends, it's worth investigating. What happened? What caused the change? Sometimes children actually hang out with the child that is bullying them and pressuring them to do things they don’t like - especially if they’re younger, shy, and socially inexperienced.

5. They’re Having Trouble Sleeping – If your younger child is suddenly having trouble sleeping, waking up with nightmares and having other sleep issues, you might want to find out what’s happening at school. Often emotional problems can manifest during times that should be relaxing.

6. They Are Having Panic Attacks – If your child suddenly starts having panic attacks before school or at school, you may want to determine if something is happening at school that can be stopped, such as bullying.

7. They Withdraw from the Family – Sometimes a young child will actually withdraw from the people they’re most safe with due to bullying at school or on the playground. The reason has to do with the fact that they may feel ashamed even though it’s not their fault.

8. They Have Torn Clothing or Marks – Sometimes bullying is more than mental. It can also be physical, even at very young ages. If your child has torn clothing, marks such as bite marks, bruises and other signs of a struggle, bullying may be occurring.

When you notice that your child has any of these signs, don’t let them avoid talking to you. Instead, give them the freedom to talk to you by letting them feel safe. After all, if your child feels safe and not judged as if they’re in trouble when you react to their situation, they’re going to be much more likely to talk to you about whatever is happening to them.

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