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What is the Coronavirus?

Everything You Need to Know About This Frightening Disease

Every time a new disease appears in the news, it causes a mass panic as people understandably get scared that they may be at risk. Suddenly, every sniff and every sniff and every cough is placed under minute scrutiny. The latest outbreak to hit the news is the Coronavirus, and once again, this has caused a huge amount of fear and uncertainty.

And again, this is understandable. The coronavirus is a disease that spreads quickly, now with over 20,000 cases! While it isn’t generally a fatal disease, it has already taken . Coronavirus is more widespread than the SARS virus ever became, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Gradually, it’s making its way into other countries.


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But is there really cause for such alarm? While the coronavirus is certainly scary, and definitely not to be taken lightly, it is also is important to maintain a sense of perspective. While the stats are of course changing rapidly, at the time of writing there have only been a limited number of cases outside of China. Most of these are still located in Asia, in areas such as Japan, Thailand, and Singapore.

In the United States, there are only 11 confirmed cases of the virus. There have been just over 400 deaths caused by the disease, and only one outside of China. Coronavirus is most comparable to the flu, in terms of its symptoms and the way it spreads. And just like the flu, it is mostly dangerous to those populations already considered at risk: the elderly, very young, or previously unwell.

Statistically, your chances of getting the coronavirus are extremely low – lower than winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning if you are located outside of Asia. But while this is true, it’s also extremely important that we prepare for what might become a more widespread problem, that we know how to protect ourselves, and that we understand this event that is of huge global significance.

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