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Bringing the Best Out of the Worst People

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In any leadership scenario, you are sure to come across the term
motivation. Today’s corporate leaders are quite aware how the right
kind of motivation can serve their purpose in a better way.  

Quite frankly, motivation has become the buzzword in everything that
we do. Whether it is a leader trying to extract the best productivity
from his or her team, or it is a teacher trying to induce students to
give in their optimal performance, it is all about motivation.

In this eBook, our endeavor is to tell you the best way in which you
can make people work. If you are at the helm of affairs, you will
understand how difficult it is to make people work, whether you want
them to work collectively or individually. In any case, the method that
is employed—and the one that you need to hone to perfection—is
about motivating people.  

You have to learn how to inspire and motivate others. You have to
learn that this kind of inspiration helps people do much better than
any amount of rebuke or orders.  

If you just tell people a single nice word for their contribution, they
are going to feel much better about it and then they will surely do a
great job. This is what everyone is doing right now… they are trying to
make people feel good so that they go ahead and give everything their
best shot.

Keeping true to the title of this eBook, our effort here is to make
people do a great job by inspiring them. This could be just a mere
word, or it could be something as simple as giving them a job that
they really like to do. Or, you might have to try the carrot and stick
approach, or give them some incentive that they really cannot afford
to miss. It is only when you plan such strategies that people will work
for you.

And, this is not applicable only in a leadership or a mentorship setup.
You can try this almost anywhere. If your children are not obeying
you, you can try this method to make them obey you in a better way.
If your friend is not seeing why he or she should do something that
you want them to do, try motivating them.

Motivation works on everyone, bar none. But, when you motivate
someone, it means that you are building within them the energy and
the inclination to work. You are motivating someone; it means that
you are kindling the dwindling flame of determination in their mind,
and you are giving them the energy and the reason to work.  

You are showing them what incentives they can get if they chip in that
much amount of work. It is good old ‘work and reward’ principle
which works all the time.  

As you flip through these pages, you will see that the right kind of
motivation, if you are trying to bring out the best in people, is never a
concrete thing. There is never a formula that can determine how
much motivation a person would need. However, the undeniable fact
is that everyone needs to be motivated; there is no taking away from
that fact.

So, keep reading. You will learn in this eBook what motivation is, and
what you can do to really motivate people to do their best at
everything that they do. And, on the way, you will also see why it is
important to motivate people in the first place.


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